To do booking of the room for the customers.


HMS > FrontDesk


How to create

  1. In Frontdesk click on tab corresponding to particular date and room you want to do booking of.
  2. Select the Customer
  3. Enter the number of nights and the check out date will be automatically get entered or vice versa.
  4. Save it.

How to Edit / Delete

  1. Open Reservation doctype by clicking on legend of entry in frontdesk.
  2. Click on Cancel.
  3. For Editing, click on amend.
  4. For Deleting, click on menu then delete.

Quick Shortcuts

  • 'Q' Display Booking Details
  • 'Double-Click' Open Reservation/Room Folio

Frontdesk Legends

Room Status

Room Status Flow : Reserved > Occupied > Dirty > Available