ERPNext for Hotel Management

Yes you heard it right , we can use the powerful opensource ERPNext for Hotel Managament. Check-in and Check-out the fantastic features

Front Desk

The core operation of any Hotel is it's frontdesk. It is very important to get an quick view of the bookings and the availability based on Dates , Room Type etc. Frontdesk helps to

  • Check Room Status
  • Book/Reserve Room
  • Checked-in Rooms along with Guest Details
  • Manage Clean , Dirty, Out of Order Rooms
  • Reservation Status based on Advance Payment
  • Identify Days as Normal , Special based on defined Holiday List

Room Reservation

Reserve Room with just 2 clicks,

  • Auto set checkout dates based on nights and vice versa
  • For First Time Guest , Capture Photo on click
  • Record Payment against Reservation
  • Manage Desk and Room Folio Separetly with ease
  • Capture reservation Specific Requests
  • Manage Master Folio for multiple rooms booking

Room Folio

Room Folio is where the checked in guest charges gets accumulated during the stay. Aggregate all such charges across all departments

  • Ensure Pre-checkin process is completed
  • Get Customer Digital Signature before check-in
  • Transfer Payment from Desk Folio / Reservation to Room Folio
  • Aggregate charges for all services provided / goods purchased e.g. Restaurant ,Laundry, Salon, Spa , Mini Supermarket
  • Room Folio Balance Updates on live basis
  • Link to Master Folio for multiple room bookings
  • Split Bills for Corporate Customer based on the Item Groups


Get quick Reports for best analysis

  • Room Occupancy and Revenue Analysis
  • Item/Service Groupwise Revenue Collection
  • POS Closing
  • Quick Guest Contact

To know more refer Documentation