1. List all Your Services Group them by Facilities
  2. Beautiful icons to represent each Facility
  3. Set Facility Availability Timmings and Slot durations
  4. Define Service Availability with rate
  5. Show Already Booked Slots
  6. Set Allowed Advance Booking Period ( in Days)
  7. Disable Bookings on Holidays
  8. Set Maximum Concurrent Slots Allowed per service Daywise ( e.g. Increase the slots on weekend)
  9. Configure your Appointment Booking Information Content
  10. Enable Beautiful Email and Crisp SMS Notification
  11. Change Email/ SMS Template
  12. Email notification with Calendar Event,to quickly add the appointment to client's calendar
  13. Google Calendar Event Auto Reminder before 30 minutes of booking time !
  14. Client can cancel appointment 24 hours prior to booking
  15. Super Smooth Interface and User Experience
  16. Mobile Responsive

Appointment Booking/Scheduling System in Action , Watch out

Appointment Scheduling Booking Animation

Admin/ Desk View

Appointment Scheduling Booking Admin Desk View

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