IndiaMart ERPNext CRM Lead Integration


  • Pull Leads from IndiaMart via API every 5 mins
  • Create Leads automatically in ERPNext
  • Map respective fields of IndiaMart with ERPNext Lead
  • Automatic mapping of Territory based on IndiaMart Lead Origin
  • Automatic mapping of Leads based on Territory Manager
  • Automatic mapping of Leads based on Round Robin ALgorithm for multiple Sales person in a specific Territory
  • Handle Duplicate/ Repeat Leads based on mobile_no/ email
  • Automatically create Opportunity for repeat leads
  • IndiaMart Integration Log maintained
  • Receive Auto Notification incase of error during Lead Integration
  • All IndiaMart Integration Best Practices followed


  • No Manual Entry/intervention required
  • No Human Erorr
  • Pulls all leads based on the time and QueryID
  • Don't miss out any potential leads
  • Speed up the response to the lead by automatic assignment of the territorywise Sales Person
  • Focus on lead conversion and not on lead data entry/handling