To create membership plans.


Club Membership > Membership Plan


  • Plan Type
  • Price List
  • Facility
  • Free Service with Fixed Session Item
  • Discounted Service Category Item

How to create

  1. Open New Membership Doctype.
  2. Select the Plan Type.
  3. Enter the Plan Name in the following format [ Plan Type]_[Plan Name]_[Allowed Members]_[Duration] ex. Club_Silver_Single_Annual. Item Name and Item Code will automatically get created having same name as Plan's Name. If not one can manually do it.
  4. Enter the Duration in Months.
  5. Select the Billing Interval.
  6. Select the Max Allowed Members.
  7. Enter the Duration in Months.
  8. Enter the Renewal Discount % if needed.
  9. Enter the Corporate Discount % if needed.
  10. Tick the Allow Suspension box if the plan is of 6 months or greater.
  11. In Item Details section, select Club Membership in Item Group
  12. Select Membership Price List in Price List
  13. Enter the Rate
  14. In Free Benefits section select the facilities according to plan. If there is not any facility as per plan leave it blank.
  15. In Free Service with Fixed Sessions section select the service and enter the numberof sessions.If there is not any such session as per plan leave it blank.
  16. In Discounted Service Category section select the item group and enter the discount percentage.If there is not any such service as per plan leave it blank.
  17. In Terms and Conditon section enter the terms and conditions.