Massive Restaurants sailed smoothly from Tally to ERPNext with GreyCube

Explore how Massive Restaurants smoothly transitioned to ERPNext with GreyCube, setting new standards in efficiency.

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Massive Restaurants as the name suggests has 120+ Outlets across India & abroad. With such a huge scale of operations , handling finance & accounting operation is of utmost importance , but with clairvoyant CFO Vikram Bhatwani (an IIM-A Alumni) , things became pretty easy for the implementation roadmap with a fantastic team.

They decided to move from 1st April 2024 to ERPNext from existing Legacy System Tally, for which they had superb planning & perfect execution.

SrDescriptionTime Line
1Analysing all Accounting Softwares1st November - 30 November
2Finalised on ERPNext1st week of December
3Finalised Frappe/ERPNext Implementation Partner31st December
4Project Kick started2nd Week Of January
5Completion Target Date28th February
6Mock GO Live1st March
7Customisation01- 31st March
8Final GO Live ( Super Smooth )1st April 2024

An excellent implementation can be achieved when both the client & the implementation partner go hand in hand.

GreyCube being awarded as the Best implementation partner, has set process derived & fine-tuned based on several implementation experience which helps to achieve the implementation timelines / milestone, during the implementation the queries were resolved at superfast pace which is critical to the flow of the implementation, while at the same time, the massive restaurant team was adaptive to the solutions provided, a with the goal that the purpose was to be achieved & were not adamant on the specific path only.

Massive restaurants went live on 1st April and by 4pm they had a  party ! Even the party was on time ( ha ha ha ) . They called up GreyCube Team to thank for the wonderful support they received in onboarding from legacy accounting to Modern, Open-source, Scalable ERPNext.

Key Highlights

  1. 130+ Outlets
  2. Further categorised by Outlet Type , Outlet Location , Outlet Category to have granular level Financial Statements ( i.e. Balance Sheet , Profit & Loss Statement)

  1. Split Common Expenses across specific cost centres in just 3 clicks.

  1. Have Customised Accounting Dimension wise Financial Statements

  1. Accounting Workflow : from Account User > Accounts Manager > Financial Head > CFO

  1. Auto Repeat - frequent expense entries as per their respective frequency & get notified.

  1. GST Compliance - E-Invoice, GSTR1 , Auto Reconciliation of GSTR 2B

  1. Budget vs actual Accounting Dimension (Cost Center, Outlet Type, Outlet Location , Outlet Category ) wise.

  1. Real time Audit possible just by providing the Auditor access to the ERP.

& lots more

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