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Effective HR management is crucial for maintaining a well-organized and productive work environment. To streamline the process, certain setup activities can be completed before the leave period begins, ensuring a smooth transition into the time-off phase. This involves preparing key elements such as the Holidays List, Leave Types, Leave Period, and Leave Policies. Additionally, specific actions must be taken on the start date of the leave period, including the assignment of Leave Policies and adjustment of Leave Allocations.

Some activities need to be done on when your leave period starts, while others can be done before leave period starts.

Setup/Activities that can be done before starting of leave period:

  1. Holiday List
  2. Leave Type
  3. Leave Period
  4. Leave Policy

Activities that needs be done on start date:

  1. Leave Policy assignment
  2. Leave allocation

1.Holidays List

Create the Holidays List each year, incorporating any new holidays or modifications based on organizational needs.

2.Leave Type

Review and adjust Leave Types as necessary to accommodate any policy changes or new leave categories.

3.Leave Period

Leave Periods to match your company's fiscal year or Calendar Year

4.Leave Policy

Review and update Leave Policies to ensure and reflect any policy changes or industry standards.

5.Leave Policy Assignment

Re-evaluate the assignment of Leave Policies to employees

6.Leave Allocations

Adjust Leave Allocations for employees


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