Why hire GreyCube? Or frappe certified developers

The importance of sustainable and well-executed customisation in ERPNext. Identify the common pitfalls and how certified Frappe developers matter

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All businesses are unique and when they implement ERPNext, there is always a need to tailor/customise it as per business need.

It could be to solve ease of use / add a missing business functionality / integrate it with other system / personalise it...the list goes on.

I have frequently come across badly customised ERPNext. Broadly I have found it be done by 3 types of people

  1. Business users, seeing that it can be easily customised so why not try it
  2. Freelancers who got hold of basic understanding and opening a shop on upwork/fiverr etc
  3. People with knowledge of specific language ex Java / AngularJS and creating functionality on top of ERPNext

Mostly, the overwhelming factor could be immediate low cost or laziness

Let me tell you upfront, business should outlive software!

Due to such 3 types of people attempting customisation, you end up loosing entire software (stuck to specific version)/ loose data / loose functionality

GreyCube.in has learnt the rightway of doing it, due to

  1. Experience : we have been moving our customers from version 9 onwards (at present we are version 15)
  2. Technically sound engineers : developers from reputed education background/ multi year work experience in MNC
  3. Attend all conference and webinars : learn from community and others mistake
  4. Contribute to open source with pull request on ERPNext / open sourced repos

We want our customisation to be sustainable. So, we always ask the right questions? i.e.

  1. Can i port my functionality from server A to B
  2. Will it survive migration
  3. Will it survive customisation or changes from other apps i.e. ERPNext itself or other developers work
  4. Can it upgrade to major / minor version

Internally, we call it Frappeway! of doing things!

We have been advocating it our clients.

Let us do things correctly for the first time so that we don't have to keep on stitching it in future

Then came Frappe certificates. We graded the first chance and got ourselves certified.

Why? so it becomes easy for our client to judge us / trust us.



GreyCube.in has been at forefront of customiztion. It has 200+ github repo.

We have been doing this since version 9 (at present it is version 15) of ERPNext.

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