How to Set Up Email Accounts in ERPNext with Gmail?

Setting up email accounts in ERPNext with Gmail is a straightforward process!

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  1. Create Youe Email Account
  2. Go to Email Account DocType & Click On Add Email Account button to create new email account

  3. Enter Email Account Details
  4. Enter your Gmail email address, Choose "Gmail" from the dropdown menu and Provide a name for your email account

  5. Get Your Gmail Password
    • Go to your Gmail account settings, Click on your profile, then "Manage Your Google Account,"

    • Go to "Security", Make sure "2-Step Verification" is on

    • Create an app password
    • Search App Password, Enter a Name of your Custom App and click on 'Create' to Generate Password

      Copy Generated Password

  6. Connect Gmail to ERPNext
  7. paste the generated password into the password field

    Email Configuration Settings:

    • Enable Incoming: Set to 0
    • Enable Outgoing: Set to 1
    • Default Outgoing: Set to 0
  8. Save and Done!
  9. Once you've entered all the necessary information, save the document to finalize the setup.

    Now, Your Gmail is now linked with ERPNext

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